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Feast Days; Tuesday St Irenaeus of Lyon, Wednesday St Peter & St Paul – Holy Day of Obligation
Thursday First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church  Friday St Oliver Plunkett

               Northampton Cathedral                    

Saturday 25th June 9.30pm Mary Winfield RIP    CONFESSIONS
6.00pm Alberto Francioni RIP, Vincent Connor RIP, Bill McQuillan RIP, Gerry Boyd RIP
Sunday 26th June 8.30 am FOR THE PARISH
11.00 am Gerry Boyd RIP, Bridie Egan RIP, David Richards RIP
2.00pm Thanksgiving Service for Families with Bishop David
5.15pm Patrick Bowen RIP, Oliver Matthew Dunlea RIP
Monday 27th June 11.00am Ordination of Jithu James
7.00pm Robbie Hogan RIP
Tuesday 28th June 9.30am Gerry Boyd RIP, Frankie Corr RIP, Joe Reape RIP, The Ward Family Int
3.30pm First Mass of Fr Jithu James in the Syro-Malabar Rite
Wednesday 29th June 10.30am Funeral Service for Margaret Fowley RIP
7.00pm Vincent Cadden RIP, Gerry Boyd RIP
Thursday 30th June 10.30am Funeral Mass for Mr John Joseph Reape RIP
Friday 1st July 9.30am Gerry Boyd RIP Maireed Standring Int
Saturday 2nd July 9.30am Joe Reape RIP, Gerry Boyd RIP, Robert Hogan RIP    CONFESSIONS
6.00pm Tom Heaphy RIP, Robbie Hogan RIP, Martin Kelly RIP
Sunday 3rd July 8.30am Christopher Stephenson RIP, Christy, Christina & Cecil Strong RIP, Charles McGreever RIP,
John & Ellen Fitzpatrick RIP
5.15pm Adama Vincent Nana RIP Thomas Oliver Wright Int, Stuart & Emma Wright Int, Fr Simon Penhalagan Int,

 St Aidan’s, Kingsthorpe                 

Sunday 26th June 9.45am Bridget Conway RIP, Joanne Greatorex RIP, Gerry Boyd RIP, Evelyn Crawley Int
Monday 27th June 9.30am Margaret Donnelly RIP, Mary Winfield RIP CONFESSIONS
Wednesday 29th June 9.30am Jeffrery Goode RIP, Gerry Boyd RIP, Desmond Keohane RIP, Evelyn Crawley Int CONFESSIONS
Sunday 3rd July 9.45am Ben Burbage RIP, Margaret Donnelly RIP, Mary Winfield RIP, Frank Corr RIP

        SS Francis & Therese, Hunsbury 

Sunday 26th June 9.30am Thomas & Beatrice Mulhall RIP, Chris Mulcahy RIP, Mary McGowan RIP Confessions before Mass
Wednesday 29th June 9.30am Edmund Lieshi Int, Anne -Marie Campbell Int, Ashlin Curran Int CONFESSIONS
Sunday 3rd July 9.30am Martin Duggan RIP, Mary Jackson RIP Confessions before Mass

 St Thomas More, Towcester           

Saturday 25th June 5.30pm Confirmation Mass:
Peggy & Bernard McAllister RIP Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament +Confession 4.45pm to 5.15pm
Sunday 26th June 11.00am FOR THE PARISH
Wednesday 29th June 7.00pm Special Intention
Saturday 2nd July 5.30pm Sick and Housebound Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament +Confession 4.45pm to 5.15pm
Sunday 3rd July 11.00am The Griffin Family

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