The Cathedral Organs

Christopher Weaver is the Cathedral Organist and is responsible for the Cathedral’s two organs – one is a historical tracker action pipe organ, the other is a fine digital instrument:

The tracker action organ was built in 1976 by Hendrik ten Bruggencate. The design was inspired by the work of the Swiss firm Metzler, with whom ten Bruggencate had worked. The specification is modest and was designed for the accompaniment of straightforward liturgical music and responsorial psalms. This instrument is maintained by the firm of Kenneth Tickell.

Tracker Action Organ Specifications

Prestant 8 Gedackt 8 Prestant 8
Octaaf 4 Rohrfluit 4 Subbass 16
Mixtur IV Gemshorn 2 I/P, II/P, II/I
Trompet 8 Quint 1 1/3
Sesquialtera II
Dulcian 16


A new Viscount Custom built comprehensive 3 manual with an additional sanctuary division digital instrument was installed in May 2008. The console is sited in the west gallery with speaker cabinets in the roof on either side of the nave, additional speakers in the gallery behind the pipes and in the west gallery.

Total 60 stops. Traditional “motorised” drawstops, wooden-based tracker-touch keyboards, full capture action and all other standard playing accessories.