Our Children’s Liturgy Group

The Children’s Liturgy Group is held term-time at the Sunday morning 11am Mass. No prior arrangements are required for attendance. Our Aim is for The Liturgy of the Word to be presented in a child-friendly way so they discover its meaning in their lives.

What age groups should attend these sessions and do parents need to accompany their children?

We welcome all children of primary school age that have not made their First Holy Communion. It is encouraged that children are left with the leaders to allow the children to enjoy the group and make friends. We simply ask that those attending are ready and prepared to participate.

All leaders, even though volunteers, have had the necessary safeguarding checks carried out.

Where should children gather and what is the format for the liturgy sessions?

Children meet before Mass outside the Sacristy and are seated with the Catechists after the opening prayer the children retire to the Sacristy with the leaders to celebrate the word of God. The sessions are designed to introduce children to important aspects of the Gospel message through prayer, discussion and practical activities. We aim to have something for children to take home to remind them of the message of the Gospel during the week. The children return to church just before the Offertory collection. They gather briefly before the priest before returning to their parents/carers.

Further information

Children’s Liturgy the leaders work in pairs having made a commitment to lead on regular basis. New leaders and/or helpers are very welcome and a new helper will always be paired with an experienced leader. If you feel able to help or would like further information, please speak with the one of the Catechists or contact the Parish Office on 01604 714556.