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Friends of Northampton Cathedral

Bishop Peter launched the Friends of Northampton Cathedral at a Mass to mark the second anniversary of his episcopal ordination. He is the patron of this organisation whose motto is:


Its aims are to preserve the heritage of the Cathedral to ensure it can be enjoyed by future generations, to promote the mission and ministry of the Cathedral in the Diocese and in the wider community, and to progress the work of the Cathedral through fundraising for future projects.

Membership: Annual Single £25, Annual Joint £40, Life Single £200, Life Joint £300

If you think you would like to join the Friends of Northampton Cathedral please enter your details below and we will send you an application form and complimentary newsletter:

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Hymn Book Dedications

Hymn Book have been dedicated on behalf of the following:

Dedicated to:
Abba Mehary
Abi Fitzgerald
Ada and Ernest King
Agnes and Sidney Watts
Alan Bartlett
Alan Burbidge
Alan Kirby
Albert Cecil Trasler
Albert Othaime Bangura
Alexander Albon
Alfred John Tivey
Alice Heighway
Alice McNamara
Amanda & James Carroll
Andrew McColgan
Andrew Renwick
Angela Paxton's Family and Friends
Anh Le Family
Anh Le Family
Ann and Harry Faulkner
Ann and John Dooley
Ann Ansell
Ann Crosby
Anna Le Thi Dinh
Anthony Joseph Teevan
Antonio Dos-Santos
Aron Smith-Chatterjee
Arthur Brian Chapman
Arthur Gordon Eastbury
Arthur Willam Lovell
Baker Family
Banwo Family
Barbara Ward
Barclay and Seggar Family
Barrett Family
Barrios Ollo Family
Barry Andrews
Barry Family
Barry Family
Bartlett Family
Beatrice and Harry Ponting
Beatrice Hope Trasler
Beezie Rielly
Beggam Family
Benjamin Davis
Bernard Frederick Ferguson
Bernard Hammond
Bernard Hammond
Bernard Hammond
Bernard Hammond
Bernard Hammond
Bernard Hammond
Bernard Hammond
Bernard Hammond
Bernard Hammond
Bernard Hammond
Bernard Rooney
Beryl McNamara
Betty Ansell
Billy Fitzgerald
Bonner Family
Brennan Family
Brewin Family
Brian C Skinner
Brian Christopher Skinner
Brian Christopher Skinner
Brian Regan
Brian Tivey
Bridget Barrett
Bridget Harte
Bridget Kelly
Bridie Donnelly
Bridie Donnelly
Bridie J Mannion
Bridie Keohane
Buchan Family
Burns Family
Caitlin Loftus
Calum Ward
Caroline McGowan
Carroll Family
Carvell Family
Cassidy Family
Cassidy Family
Catherine Lachs
Catherine Summerlin
Cathy Becky Elle
Charles Brennan
Charles Phillip Strang
Charles Ponting
Charles Ruddick
Christiana Bangura
Christopher Parrish
Christopher Preston
Claire Costin
Clifford Francis Lynn
Coates Family
Collins Family
Connor Family
Convery Family
Conway Family
Copson Family
Corinne Fitzgerald
Costelloe Family
Cox Family
Crosby Family
Curran Family
Cyril Starr
Daly Family
Daniel Waite
Danny Sharp
Darnell Family
Daughters of the Holy Spirit
Daughters of the Holy Spirit
Davenport Family
David Gudgin
David John Metcalfe
David Marland
David Parry
Davies Family
Deborah Francis Walding
Deceased Friends of Cathedral Parish
Deceased members of the Ryan Family
Dessie Keenan
Domenico De Marchis
Dominic Bui Van Vy
Dominic Pimento
Dominico M Bui
Don Love
Dora Gilroy-Albon
Doran Family
Doris Brennan
Doris Udloff
Dorothy Starr
Doval Family
Ducker Family
Edna Davies
Edward Crosby
Edward Groves
Eileen Moylan
Eleanor Eversley
Elsie Conway
Elsie Pashley
Enid and Daisy
Enzo Botticelli
Erich Schwager
Erich Schwager
Ernest Caillebotte
Ette Family
Eva Leonard
Evelyn Carvell
Evelyn Dove
Ezurike Family
Father Eric Phillips
Father J King
Father Patrick King
Father Richard Musa Kamara
Felix McCullough
Fernandes Family
Florence Catlin
Florence Reay
Florence Tivey
Fr Christopher Roberts
Fr Norbert Holland
Francis Michael Gray
Frank and Tom Barden
Frank Granaghan
Frank Holland
Frederick and Eric
Frederick Vincent Tivey
Geoffrey Middleton
George and Mary Smales
George Harrison
George Shanley
George Summerlin
Gerald Roan
Gertrude Griffiths Tivey
Gilbert Family
Gladys Doveston
Graham Leslie Hillery
Graziella Ducker
Gregorio Pena
Gregory Davis
Gwendoline and William Moulding
Hannah Moore
Harry Barrett
Harry O'Malley
Harry O'Malley
Hayes Family
Heaphy Family
Heaphy Family
Heath Family
Henrietta Law
Henry Gilroy-Albon
Herbert Ducker
Herbert McNamara
Hilda Glazebrook
Hobin Family
Holy Family Prayer Group
Holy Family Prayer Group
Holy Family Prayer Group
Holy Family Prayer Group
Holy Family Prayer Group
Holy Family Prayer Group
Holy Souls
Howe-Watson Family
Irene Dixon
Irene Kish
Irene Olive Kish
Irven Family
Irving McQuilkin
Jack Francis Coleman
Jackie Gregory
Jacqueline Ballantyne
Jake Parker
James and Nancy Emmott
James and Violet McShane
James Dixon
James Dwyer
James McGlynn
James McKenna
James McKenna
James O'Connor
Jan Love
Jane and Clifford Pitt-Francis
Jim Dixon
Jim Inglis
Joan Elizabeth Williams
Joe Loftus
Joe Lynch
Johanna O'Connor
John and Mary Doran
John and Mary Malloy
John Ansell
John Baptist Le Tong Gia
John Baptist Le Tong Tot
John Buckley
John Clancy
John Fitzpatrick
John Friary
John Gallagher
John Henry Albon
John Kearns
John Kelly
John Lewis
John Llewellyn Jones
John McCabe
John Peel OBE
John Rabczak
John Reilly
John Reynolds
John Smith-Chatterjee
Jones Family
Joseph Do Van Trinh
Joseph Francis McNeill
Joseph Harradine
Joseph Le Tong Toan
Joseph Maria Nguyen Khan
Joseph O Banwo
Josephine Jarabek
Joy Celeste Preston
Julia and William Frost
Kalve Family
Kate Dodd
Kate Gallagher
Kath and Fred Darnell
Kathleen Thompson
Katie O'Donovan
Kay Gorman
Kelly Jones
Kelly O'Donovan
Kevin Byrne
Kevin James Sweeney
Kiaune Family
Kinga Wojtyniak
Lack Family
Lannan Family
Lena Daffy
Lena Simkins
Leo O'Connor
Leon Lachs
Leonard James Tivey
Le-Phuoc Family
Leslie Hillery
Lilian Gray
Lillian Davis
Loftus Family
Lorna Fitzgerald
Louisa Harradine
Lucy Mineta
Lynskey Family
Mabel Anne Tivey
Mabel Florence Moore
Mairead Loftus
Makahamadze Family
Mandy Sharp
Margaret and Edward Longhurst
Margaret Andrews
Margaret Mary Byrne
Margaret McGovern
Margaret McLaughlin
Margaret Reynolds
Maria Ho Thi Cuc
Maria Mai Le
Maria Parra
Marion Moore
Marlow Family
Martin Doherty
Martin O'Toole
Martin Patrick Cullen
Mary A Chew
Mary and Bill Kealy
Mary and Bill Kealy
Mary and Bill Kealy
Mary and Frances Chabrel
Mary and Tom Murphy
Mary Ann DeBoo
Mary Barry
Mary Boyle
Mary Frances O'Rourke
Mary Margaret Eastbury
Mary Rogers
Mary Rose Limekwe
Masters Family
Matilda Nelson
Matt Doran
Matthew Preston
Maureen Brewin
McCourt Family
McGovern Family
McKenna Family
McKenna Family
McMullin Family
Michael & Bridget Walsh
Michael and Frank Brady
Michael Brennan
Michael Christopher
Michael Ducker
Michael Foy
Michael Hickey
Michael O'Malley
Michael Riordan
Mills Family
Miss Pamela Groves
Mitchell Family
Molly Caillebotte
Mona Basham
Monica Durrant
Moore Family
Morphoise Family
Morton Family
Mr A Baptise
Mr and Mr D O'Brien
Mr and Mrs Am Tran
Mr and Mrs Am Tran
Mr and Mrs Atkinson
Mr and Mrs Bryan Dauncey
Mr and Mrs D Mwangi
Mr and Mrs Davis
Mr and Mrs F B Mulvany
Mr and Mrs Farrer
Mr and Mrs Frank Byrne
Mr and Mrs H Snedker
Mr and Mrs J Kilbane
Mr and Mrs J Robinson
Mr and Mrs J Udris
Mr and Mrs James
Mr and Mrs Jeanvier Brown
Mr and Mrs John Concannon
Mr and Mrs Ken Parrish
Mr and Mrs M Coleman
Mr and Mrs M Hopewell
Mr and Mrs M Kish and Family
Mr and Mrs Norman
Mr and Mrs O'Leary
Mr and Mrs Peter Meehan
Mr and Mrs Pettits
Mr and Mrs Phan
Mr and Mrs Sinnott
Mr and Mrs Somerville
Mr and Mrs T Granaghan
Mr and Mrs Thake
Mr and Mrs Trinh Do
Mr and Mrs Trinh Do
Mr and Mrs Ty Bui
Mr and Mrs Ty Bui
Mr and Mrs Vi Bui
Mr and Mrs Vi Bui
Mr and Mrs Vincent
Mr and Mrs Wallace
Mr and Mrs Ward
Mr Eugene Doyle
Mr J C Cadore
Mr J P Singh Srivastava
Mr P Moses
Mr T and Mrs M Kinsella
Mrs Alice Groves
Mrs Ann Ahern
Mrs M Clapton and Family
Mrs R C Augustine
Mrs Ramona Angela Singh
Mrs Ruth Spread
Myra Hudson
Nancy Davies
Nancy Smith
Naomi Lovell
Nellie and George Steer
Nelson Family
Newman Family
Nicolas Kirby
Niedzwiecki Family
Noakes Family
Noel Horgan
Noni Parker
Nora and Arch Barratt
Nora Stout
Norrie Coady
O'Brien Family
O'Connor Family
P G Leong
Paddy Doran
Paddy Joe Murphy
Paddy O'Rourke
Paddy Whelan
Parry Family
Partrick Wormald
Patrick and Terry Kilbane
Patrick Doherty
Patrick Harte
Patrick Mullan
Paul Ho Nam
Paul Jarabek
Paul Taylor
Paul, Celine and Laurence
Peggy Roan
Perpetua Onunbuariri
Peter Ducker
Peter Kimberlin
Peter Nguyen Muong
Pettett Family
Philbin Family
Philomena Clancy
Pimento Family
Princess Diana
Ray Olsen
Raymond Makahamadze
Redondo Family
Rev Father Carr
Rev Fr Anthony Van Santvoord
Reynolds Family
Reynolds Family
Richard Kimberlin
Richards Family
Riordan Family
Rita and Ian Gregory
Rita Garbarino
Robert Finnerty
Robert Golen
Roger Inwood
Roger Salter
Romily Parker
Ron Stout
Ronald Carvell
Ronald Groves
Ronald Stokoe
Roque Segade
Roque Segade
Rosa Cayas Pena
Rose O'Reilly
Roseanne Williams
Roy Burrell
Russell Family
Sabrina Sharpe
Sammons Family
Sarah Gallagher
Scott Reid
Sean McGann
Sean O'Reilly
Shaily Sharp
Sheila Inglis
Sheila Loftus
Sheku Bangura
Sheridan Family
Sister Frances Wheeler
Sister Mary Philomena
Skerrett Family
Spillane Family
Stanley Albon
Starr Family
Sullivan Family
Susan O'Connell
Talbot Family
Taylor Family
Taylor Family
Ted Ansell
Teresa Maccari de Galli
The Conway Family
The Pope's Intensions
Thomas Barrett
Thomas Devlin
Thomas Doveston
Thomas Ellis Davies
Thomas Gallagher
Tiernan Family
Tom and Barbara Picketts
Tom and Elsie
Tom and Margaret
Tom and Mary Murphy
Tom Conway
Tom Devally
Tom Whelan
Umali Family
Valeriano Galli
Vera Albon
Vera Doran
Veronica Hipperson
Vic and Peggy Wood
William Albon
Winfield Family
Wing Chan
Wood Family
Youth 2000 Northampton
Zoe Joanna Emery

Friends 200 Club