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Is God calling you to become a Priest?

A message from Fr Mark Floody, Dean of Northampton Cathedral and Vocation Director for Northampton Diocese.

Is God calling me to be a Priest? Is a question many Catholic men ask at some time in their lives but then dismiss it as quickly as it came to mind! But what is certain is that the Lord calls labourers to work in his vineyard as priests.  Many people think that God couldn’t possibly call them to be priests because they don’t think they are worthy of the calling.  It is always important to remember that we do not become priests because we are worthy or better than others, if that was the criteria I would never have become one! We become priests because God calls us.  The Lord knows us, he is aware of our struggles just as he knew the failings of the apostles.  It is in the power of his strength, love and compassion that we discern our vocation.  The Lord calls all his people, all the baptised to play their part in the mission of the Church and we are called to be generous in our response.

A point I often highlight, a truth constantly proclaimed by the Church, is that it is the way in which the Lord calls us to live that we will find the happiness, fulfillment and peace that we all seek.

Priesthood is challenging but it can also be incredibly fulfilling. You journey with people and bring Christ to them in such a profound way in the celebration of the Sacraments, the teaching of the faith and in witnessing to his presence in the world. Jesus reached out to all especially the vulnerable and marginalised who responded to his teaching because it resonated deeply with them. We are called to journey with people and help reveal that it is the Lord who truly offers the fullness of life. The Lord who reaches out to us in all the circumstances and experiences of our lives and shows us that it is in the way he calls us to live, in following the example he set, in placing God at the centre of our lives that we become the people he calls us to be

What should you do?

  1. So if you’re thinking about the priesthood, reflect on it, pray about it and speak to your parish priest or contact our Diocesan Vocations Team, the contact details you will find below.
  2. We hold a number of Vocation weekends where those thinking about the priesthood meet in a relaxed environment, to reflect, pray, discuss and socialise together. Don’t worry you do not commit to anything, there will be no pressure and you may find some of the answers to the questions you may be asking.
  3. To the fundamental question; ‘Is God calling you to be a priest?’ I would simply invite you to come and see. You will receive support in your discernment and advice of how to move forward. We offer ourselves to the Bishop who, on behalf of the Church, is the one who ultimately discerns a man’s vocation to the priesthood.

For more information please feel free to contact us or look at the links in the More Information section.

May God bless you as you discern God’s call

Fr Mark

More Information

Please feel free to contact us at any time for an informal chat.

Fr Mark Floody on 01604 714556 or frmark@northamptoncathedral.org

Fr Andrew Richardson on 01628 605764 or frandyrichardson@gmail.com

The following National Vocations Office web sites provide useful information:

www.ukvocation.org and www.ukpriest.org


‘My name is Tanner Carlile I was born in America and grew up in England. I entered seminary last year when I was 18 because I felt the Lord was calling me to serve God and my neighbour. I have always felt called to help people but the path became clearer after I was confirmed. I considered joining the armed forces but God reminded me I had a different calling. Looking back I have no regrets about the choosing the path to the priesthood at such a young age. I have great devotion to the Blessed Mother and take inspiration from St. Michael the Archangel, St. Peter, and St. Padre Pio.’
Tanner Carlile , Seminarian
‘Hello! My name is Liam Castle, I am twenty eight years old and I have been given this opportunity to share with you some of the influences on my journey towards seminary and priestly formation.

The biggest influences for me were visiting the Holy Land and Rome in 2008 and 2009. I was also lucky enough to visit Cofton Park in 2010 for the beatification of Blessed John Henry Newman by Pope Benedict XVI. All of these experiences had a massive effect on me. They helped renew my faith and were probably the foundations of my own discernment. After numerous vocations weekends and meetings. I eventually decided to take the plunge and in 2015 I applied and was accepted to start my formation for the priesthood.

Another major influence in my life as well as my own discernment has been my cousin Daniel who is in the year above me at seminary. He has always been there for me and his constant support gave me the confidence to follow my calling.’

Liam Castle, Seminarian