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Mass & Service times for the week

Parish Mass Schedule: 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time 18th November 2018

Saturday 17th November
5.00pm Confessions (Cathedral)
6.00pm Vigil Mass (Cathedral)
(James Darby RIP, Tommy Leonard RIP, Margaret Bodkin RIP, Johnnie Heaphy RIP)

Sunday 18th November – Thirty-Third Sunday of the Year
8.30am Mass (Cathedral)
(The Haddon Family RIP, The Harte Family RIP, Breda O’Regan RIP, Erica Deering Int)
9.45am Mass (St Aidan’s)
(Michael & Kathleen Togher RIP, Billy O’Sullivan RIP, John Lavelle RIP, Kerian Brennan Sick)
11.00am Mass (Cathedral)
(Giuseppe & Angelina Cioffi RIP, Ian Johnson RIP, Mick O’Dowd RIP, Richard Ohaque Int)
5.15pm Mass (Cathedral)

Monday 19th November
7pm Mass (Cathedral)
(Roy Wilson RIP, Father Damien Walne RIP, Jack Kelly RIP, Sunita Kuruvilla Int)

Tuesday 20th November – St Edmund
11am Chapter Mass for the deceased clergy of the Diocese

Wednesday 21st November – Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
9.30am Mass (Cathedral)
(Jean Moore RIP, Tuyen-Hinh Family RIP, Greg Lennon Int, Angela Lawlor Int)
5pm Reception of Cornelius Peter Casey RIP (Cathedral)

Thursday 22nd November – St Cecilia
11am Funeral Mass of Cornelius Peter Casey RIP (Cathedral)

Friday 23rd November
8.45am-9.45am Holy Hour (Cathedral)
9.15am Confessions (Cathedral)
10am Mass (Cathedral)
(Le Tong & Maria Cucho RIP, Gerard Casey RIP, Nicefra & Simon Nowak Int, Agnes Rodrigz Sick)

Saturday 24th November – St Andrew Dung-Lae & Companions
9.30am Mass (St Aidan’s)
(John Daffy RIP, Agnes McLoughlin Int, Adrian Ginnelly Int, John & Emilia Collins Int)
10am Confession (St Aidan’s)
12pm Baptism of Niamh, Rose, Ivy and Darcie (St Aidan’s)
5.00pm Confessions (Cathedral)
6.00pm Vigil Mass (Cathedral)
(Mary Morley RIP, Teresa & Denise Hennessy-Coles RIP, Michael Folan Int, Janet & Gerald Hamilton Int)

Sunday 25th November – Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King
8.30am Mass (Cathedral)
9.45am Mass (St Aidan’s)
(Peter RIP, Roy & Ancy Family Int, Sean Dummelly Int, Father David Clark Int)
11.00am Mass (Cathedral)
(Donald Smith RIP, McDonagh Family RIP, Mary Spillane & Family Int, Michael & Ann Heaphy Family Int)
5.15pm Mass with enrolment for Confirmation Candidates (Cathedral)
(Tony Woulfe RIP, Joseph Bailey RIP, Anna Smyth RIP, Richard Wright RIP)

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