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Mass & Service times for the week

Parish Mass Schedule: Twenty-Eighth Sunday of the Year (Year of Matthew A) 15th October 2017

Saturday 14th October

5.00pm Confessions (Cathedral)

6.00pm Mass (Cathedral)

(John Demelo RIP, Paolella Nazzarena RIP, Margaret Bodkin RIP, Ray Kenny RIP)


Sunday 15th October

8.30am Mass (Cathedral)


9.45am Mass (St Aidan’s)

(Kitty Longland RIP)

11.00am Mass (Cathedral)                       

(Pat Fagan RIP, Dottie Plowman RIP, Joe Doran RIP, Philomena Clancy RIP)

12.30pm (Cathedral) Baptisms of David Paterson and MareLouise Paterson

5.15pm Mass (Cathedral)                   

(Frank Keenan RIP, Mairead Davey RIP, Wilson Family RIP, Patrick McGeown Int)



Monday 16th October

7pm Mass (Cathedral)

(Margo Henry RIP, Loftus Family Int., Caroline & Dan Richards Int., Dolores Ducker Int.)


Tuesday 17th October – St. Ignatius of Antioch (Bishop & Martyr)

9.30am Mass (St. Aidan’s)

(Joseph & Ros Int.)


Wednesday 18th October- St. Luke (Evangelist)
9.30am Mass (Cathedral)  

(John Daffy RIP, Donald Burgess RIP, Phung’s Soul RIP, Le Family Int.)


Thursday 19th October
9.30am Mass (Cathedral)

(Ronald Young RIP, William & Paddy Gilbert RIP, Maria Martins RIP, Feliciana Fernandes RIP)


Friday 20th October

11am – 12 noon Holy Hour (Cathedral)

11.30am Confessions (Cathedral)

12.15pm Mass (Cathedral) 

(Samuel Kincaid RIP, Short Family RIP, Margaret Partridge RIP, Kooner Family Int)


Saturday 21st October
9.30am Mass (St Aidan’s) 

(Jim Dunne RIP, Helen Rooney RIP, Charles Rooney RIP)

10.00am Confessions (St Aidan’s)

2.00pm Ukrainian Mass (St. Aidan’s)

5.00pm Confessions (Cathedral)
6.00pm Vigil Mass (Cathedral) 

(Teresa Hogan RIP, Nell Barry RIP, Richard Ohaque Int., Diane McGorne RIP)


Sunday 22nd October – Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

8.30am Mass (Cathedral)

(Bridie Keohane RIP, Sr. Teresa Spillane RIP, Joy Atta RIP, Laurie McCahill RIP)

9.45am Mass (St Aidan’s)

(Patrick Sweeney RIP, Bridget Sweeney RIP, Richard Sweeney RIP)

11.00am Mass (Cathedral)                       


12.30pm (Cathedral) Baptisms of Daniel McNeill, Nathanael Dhlakama, Leon Smith and George Asante-Amoah

5.15pm Mass (Cathedral)                    

(Charlie & Joe Murphy RIP, John Collins Int., Emelia & John Collins Int., Cathy Ashman Int)




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