Mass & Service times for the week

Parish Mass Schedule: THIRD SUNDAY OF LENT (C) 24th MARCH 2019

Saturday 23rd March
5pm Confessions (Cathedral)
6pm Vigil Mass (Cathedral)
(Heaphy family Int., Spillane family Int., Norah Folan Int., Kathleen Barry Int.)

Sunday 24th March – THIRD SUNDAY OF LENT (C)
8.30am Mass (Cathedral)
(Delia McDonnell RIP, Lisa La Porta RIP, JoJo & Family Int., Fr. Don Stoker Int.)
9.45am Mass (St Aidan’s)
(Anthony Togher RIP, John Durcan RIP, Chris & Lillie Butler Int.)
11am Mass (Cathedral)
3.00pm Ecumenical Stations of the Cross (St. Aidan’s)
5.15pm Mass (Cathedral)
(Rae Dakin RIP, Ben Nickels RIP, Mary-Ita Meehan RIP, Maria Maclaren-Love Int.)

5.30pm Reception of Keith Russell RIP (Cathedral)
7pm Mass (Cathedral)
(Michael McGuire RIP, Keith Dalton RIP, Pat Dolan RIP, Paddy Swords RIP)

Tuesday 26th March
9.30am Mass (St. Aidan’s)
(Bernard Gavins RIP, Gerald Savage RIP, Winnie Cunningham RIP, Margaret Gavins Int.)
10am Funeral Mass for Keith Russell RIP (Cathedral)
5pm Reception of Arthur Coyle RIP (Cathedral)
5.45pm Vianey Prayer for Priests (Cathedral)

Wednesday 27th March
11am Funeral Mass for Arthur Coyle RIP (Cathedral)
6pm Trust Lenten Service (Cathedral)

Thursday 28th March
9.30am Mass (Cathedral)
(John Kurila RIP, Andrew Fottrell RIP, Philip K RIP, Joy K RIP) 

Friday 29th March
8.45am-9.45am Holy Hour (Cathedral)
9.15am Confessions (Cathedral)
10am Mass (Cathedral)
(Sr. Wendy Beckett RIP, Ann Nelligan RIP, Anjali Dominic Int., Collins Family Int.)
11am Start of 24 hours for the Lord (Cathedral)
7pm Stations of the Cross (Cathedral) 

Saturday 30th March
9.30am Mass (St Aidan’s)
(Mary Moll RIP, Maria Verrilli RIP, Mary Cosby RIP, Jack Murray Int.)
10am Confessions (St Aidan’s)
12pm Baptism of Chishom & Alby (Cathedral)
5pm Confessions (Cathedral)
6pm Vigil Mass (Cathedral)
(Patrick Dolan RIP, Nora Fox RIP, Tom & Frank Barden Int., Jackie Nickols & Family Int.)

Sunday 31st March – FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT
8.30am Mass (Cathedral)
(Teresa Bonnor RIP, Philomena Fieldwick RIP, Nancy Ginnelly Int., Mary Joseph Int.)
9.45am Mass (St Aidan’s)
(The Morley Family RIP, Frank & Mary Commerford RIP, Pat Condon RIP, The McGowen Family RIP)
11am Mass (Cathedral)
(Eamonn Kealy RIP, Antonio & Filomena Oppido RIP, Mick & Maura Lawlor Int., Virginia Tyler Int.)
3pm Stations of the Cross (St Aidan’s)
5.15pm Mass (Cathedral)

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